Hope v1.0 for Assetto Corsa

  • location: somewhere in Kazakhstan or... :)
  • type: Fictional circuit
  • 4 different layouts
    • Hope:
      • length: 3.77km /2.34 miles
      • pit boxes: 30
    • Historic
      • length: 4.65km/2.88 miles
      • pit boxes: 30
      • layout only for donators
    • Time Attack A
      • length: 3.19km/1.98 miles
      • type: hillclimb A2B (point-to-point)
      • pit boxes: 6
      • layout only for donators
    • Time Attack B
      • length: 3.30km/2.05 miles
      • type: A2B (point-to-point)
      • pit boxes: 6
      • layout only for donators
  • High Density Road Mesh
  • Dynamic grooves
  • 3D grass
  • LOD optimizations
  • and you can fall down in lake

Download free Hope racetrack v1.0

Hope RaceTrack v1.0 Full
Hope Layout

Free version of the track contains original Hope layout (in game- Hope Racetrack).

Full version is only for donators and supporters of my work. Making the track with this level of details is really time consuming. So you can donate me once for coffee or beer and than you can drive on these tracks as long as you wish- not only once :)
Full version contains: Hope without track boundaries; Historic layout; Time Attack A&B layouts; The minimum donation for full track is 3.5€ (euros)

Optional:donate for my track package HERE

Alternative physical road mesh with smoother bumps and dips for Hope free version.

Any conversion is prohibited.
You are not permitted to upload these tracks anywhere else- instead, share a link to this page.