WIP Ušće Belgrade

  • location: Belgrade, Serbia
  • type: Temporary street circuit
  • Length: 2.24 km
  • pit spots: 26
  • originally created for race sims by Nothke

This legendary race, held on the streets of Belgrade since late 1960s, in the park on the confluence of two mighty rivers, has always been a high point in the calendar for it's prestige.. The "Monaco" of Yugoslavia. The track is tight and features high curbs and fast corners..

The track is infamous for it's danger. Barely allowed by FIA, safety levels were questionable and criticized throughout almost all the races held, which culminated in 2005 after unfortunate events, eventually kicking it off from the calendar. The race was held once again in 2008 and never again with the same, now historical layout.

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Screenshots 05.08.2017.