Yugo Trophy v1.0
Assetto Corsa

The Frankenstein

  • Yugo Trophy
    • Engine Power: Turbo 565bhp/557Nm
    • Car Weight: 900kg
    • Drivetrain: AWD
    • Transmission: 7-speed SemiAutomatic / adjustable
    • Tyres: Budget Tigar Slick tyres hard as plastic
    • Wheels: Y-design Titanium
    • Acceleration 0-100km/h: Almost instantly
    • No Abs / No Auto-blip
    • Car description: Insane
  • Yugo Trophy Carbon
    • Engine Power: NA 698bhp/580Nm
    • Car Weight: 750kg
    • Drivetrain: AWD
    • Transmission: 8-speed SemiAutomatic/fixed
    • Tyres: Budget Tigar tyres hard and less hard
    • Wheels: Carbon Kryptonite
    • Acceleration 0-100km/h: instantly
    • Car description: Even more Insane

  • 3D Model: Lemax
  • Car Sound: Kunos
  • Car Physics: Azrim & Lemax
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Yugo Trophy
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Yugo Trophy
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The Best Hillclimb Car. The Ultimate Race Car. The Fastest Race Car. The Most Reliable Race Car.The Yugo F1. The Yugo Pikes Peak. The Yugo.
Modeling (quite badly) this fictional car almost 9 years ago for RF1 and GTR2, I wanted to create something opposite of the original Yugo. This vehicle is my artistic expression of that idea, everything is quite unrealistic and over the top because Yugo can't beat LMP vehicle- well, this Yugo can. And you have freedom to that in Sim.

The Yugo Trophy is free to download.
The 'Yugo Trophy Carbon + Yugo Trophy Skin Pack(26 fantasy 2k liveries)+ 4K PSD Template & .obj' are only for the donators and supporters of my work. When you make the donation, I will send you a link to the mod via your paypal email as soon as possible. (max in next 24. hours).

The minimum donation is 2.49€ (Euros). One beer :).

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