Yugo v1.0 for GTR2

  • Low Poly Yugo race car mod for GTR2
  • 3 classes
    • MALI N:
      • Power: 75hp @6500rpm
      • Torque: 89nm @4500rpm
      • Weight: 850kg
      • Gearbox: 5-speed
      • Tires: Street
    • HIBRID:
      • Power: 85hp @6500rpm
      • Torque: 102nm @4500rpm
      • Weight: 850kg
      • Gearbox: 4-speed
      • Tires: Slick
    • FIA GROUP A:
      • Power: 135hp @8000rpm
      • Torque: 130nm @7000rpm
      • Weight: 850kg
      • Gearbox: 5-speed(FIA Gr2)
      • Tires: Slick
  • The Zastava Koral, also known as the Yugo, is a subcompact car built by the Yugoslav/Serbian Zastava corporation more info...
Yugo Preview

Many thanks to the following people for their excellent work on this mod: AzRiM - car and tires physics; OMP - skins; Paprika Samuraj - sounds;

Mod Installation: Copy "GameData" folder from archive to your GTR2 main folder.

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