Mišeluk v1.01 for rFactor2

  • location: Novi Sad, Serbia
  • type: Temporary street circuit
  • 3 versions; 2 different layouts
    • Mišeluk:
      • length: 3.32km /1.98 miles
      • pit boxes: 26
      • version w/o racing elements/ordinary public road
    • Mišeluk GP
      • length: 3.32km/1.98 miles
      • pit boxes: 26
      • version with racing elements/'cut' zones
    • Kart
      • length: 0.78km/0.48 miles
      • pit boxes: 15

  • Dynamic Road- RealRoad
  • Environment Track Animations
  • Traffic and Night Lighting
  • Wet road reflections
  • Animated track workers
  • Trackside cameras
  • 3D and 2D trees
  • LOD optimisations

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Miseluk Layout

Mišeluk is one of the most famous street track in former Yugoslavia (now Serbia). It is very dangerous because of the big sidewalk curbs and steel light poles along the track.

Free (demo) version of the track for RFactor2 contains Karting layout.

Full version of the track contains: Miseluk GP, Miseluk& Kart; (without track boundaries)

Full version is only for donators and supporters of my work. The minimum donation for full track is 4.99€.

Possibly future updates of the track are included.

When you make the donation, I will send you a link to the track via your paypal email as soon as possible. (max in next 24. hours)

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